Ordering Supplies

Supplies Required for Processing Samples for AlloMap Testing

The following supplies are provided by CareDx® for AlloMap® sample processing. There is no charge for ordering these items.

  • AlloMap Sample Processing Reagents 10-pack, including:
    • 10 tubes with 5.0 ml phosphate buffered saline (PBS)
    • 10 tubes with 1.8 ml LyseDx Lysing Reagent
    • 10 disposable transfer pipettes
    • Instructions for preparing samples for AlloMap testing
  • 8.0 ml BD Vacutainer® CPT Cell Preparation Tubes with Sodium Citrate
  • Specimen Shipping Boxes:
    • 1 Aqui-Pak 6 bay absorbent pouch
    • 1 95 kPa Specimen Transport Bag
    • 1 insulated cooler that can hold up to 6 specimens
    • 1 outer shipping box
    • 1 List of Contents card
    • 1 plastic bag for AlloMap Test Requisition Forms
    • 1 completed dry ice label affixed to the box exterior
    • Airbills and labels for FedEx shipping
  • AlloMap Test Requisition Forms
  • CareDx® Provided Centrifuge for AlloMap Testing (Drucker)


How to order supplies

To order AlloMap sample processing supplies, you can either email or call CareDx® Customer Care:


Please allow at least a 2-week lead time for replenishing supplies. If you are low on supplies, please notify CareDx Customer Care.